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Nikon F3HP Film Still in Use....
My favorite film camera is the Nikon F3HP with the motor drive unit, I used to use a Canon (Old) F-1,A-1,(New) F-1N and the FTB, why ? The Canon's had a tendency to shot 1 F=stop over expose and I had to manually adjust all my Canon's on the compensation Dial of (1+) for correct exposure and the flash (Canon Speedlights) set up was always not on par. I went to a Camera store in San Leandro and looked at the Nikon F3HP with a Speedlight and did a lot samples test on film and had it develop it in that hour, I was in OMG at the results. The lighting exposure, the flash exposure of the TTL system of the camera itself was amazing. Also to handle and the feel of authority control of such camera to shoot. (Sorry Canon Users) that's the facts and truth behind my switch, I like Canon, but Nikon cameras and their lenses are more superior in quality and build. Now if only someone of the third party to make a digital back for me F3HP,I'll be using it all over again, plus with my D-3 and D4s. I still shot my Nikon F3HP on film for that special film look and lighting texture of film and of course a "PRINT" out of it too........

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