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Photography Tips
Making beautiful photographs involves nothing more than a bit of thought. While it often helps to have decent equipment, all you really need is to take a moment before each shot to think clearly about what you are attempting to capture or createWink

The following guidelines are intended to help novice, non-artistic, and/or non-technical picture-takers immediately improve their photography.
If you would like toWink

Bring home much more pleasing memories from your travels;
Make more artistic portraits of your family, pets, or friends;
Be satisfied and excited instead of disappointed every time you look at
your photos; or
Simply enjoy the process of making pictures moreWinkWink

Top 10 Beginning Photography Tips
1. Move in closer
2. Be quick
3. Compose with care
4. Be selective
5. Focus on your subject
6. Experiment in time
7. Look at the light
8. Watch the weather
9. Keep it simple
10. Be Bold

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