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Sell / Trade Zeiss 18mm F3.5 ZF.2 for 25mm

In december 2013 I bought Zeiss Distagon T* 18mm F/3.5 ZF.2 with my Nikon DF. As it turns out I should have bought a 24 or 25mm lens.

This lens is like new in the original box. And I am selling it for $1000 or a trade with a Nikon 24mm f/1.4G ED or Zeiss 25mm (2.0 or 2.8).

Realizing that I am new to this forum you can check my reputation on Rangefinderfoum or eBay..

I live in San Mateo CA, and am happy to meet in person to sell or trade lenses.

Smiles across the wires,



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