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Nikon J3 or V2
hello all! I am trying to decide between Nikon J3 or V2. I read all the reviews and about their features. It seems the only difference they have is the electronic viewfinder. Nikon J3 doesn't have it. Nikon V2 is about $400 more in price (both have lenses 10-30mm and 30-110mm). My question is how important is the electronic viewfinder? The difference in price is big. Is it worth it?
Hi Princess_jasmine! Smile For me the EVF is very important since it is more accurate than the screen display. The exposure and the colors are closer to the actual photo that will be produced. Contrast and coverage are also closer to the resulting image.
Thanks for the reply. Do you think the price difference is worth it?
I can understand your dilemma right now since the features are almost the same but then I think in the long run, it is worth it. An electronic viewfinder for me is important in producing quality photos.

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